Monday, November 30, 2009


raocan: Hi
raocan: I have been seeing your msgs online

dhanvarsha_group: hello sir
dhanvarsha_group: r they useful
raocan: Can you please suggest on my portfolio.
raocan: yeah
raocan: but I already spent on few stocks \\
raocan: I dont know whether I need to hold on to thjem or not
dhanvarsha_group: actually i only reply after seeng the technicals
dhanvarsha_group: pl tell me ur stocks let us see
raocan: sure sir
raocan: I will send now
raocan: sorry
raocan: Where can I send
raocan: your email id please
dhanvarsha_group: here only or on my email
raocan: sir I sent
Last message received on 11/30 at 6:39 PM
dhanvarsha_group: ok i will check & mail u the reply

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