Sunday, December 20, 2009


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Day trading means you must close your position before closing of market on same day . To opt for Day trading there are different views of traders.....
In day trades you may trade 4 to 5 times margin on your trading capital, if you are having 20 k money in your acct you may place buy/ sell order for 100 k without any surcharge.
You will have to pay 1/10 th of the brokerage in comparison of delivery trading..
You may enjoy a sound sleep as you are not holding any stock at your acct so why to worry about the price fall due to unexpected news overnight.
To profited from any trade it is necessary to buy at low and sell at high ... but in intraday trades if you are confirmed about the price fall you may sale the stock first at higher price and may buy it later before market closing at very profitable position, it is called short selling.... because price climbs slowly but falls rapidly and money making is easier in few hrs in falling market..
Last but not least ...please remember that trades in share market are high risk /high rewarding profession please be cautious before entering to the market.

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