Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earning in Stock Markets

     It is very convenient for each and every individual to open a trading and demat acct and start trading at home,office or at sub broker’s place and I am feeling that it is counted as prosperity symbol.If you need any suggestion or advice from such traders, you can get it easily from them and 80 % of their ideas or advise work well but when the major disaster comes it takes your 100 % portfolio in one go and examples are here, we have seen during last crash in 2008.
    Prediction of future prices, seeing the past data is quite a simple task as if any TA is going to predict the future move of stock price, he/she must consider these factors or few of them..
I too realized it so many times initially ...when I started learning these indicators predictions went Southward... but when I re analyzed it ,I came to know that the signal was there, but I was unable to trace it  thats why I suffered and paid for my fault.

To  predict future moves one must consider following key features, 
  • News priority one and over and above all technical indicators 
  •  Company Fundamentals
  •  Company board of directors
  •  Financial reports of company
  •  Dividend
  •  Company projects and its future chances to grow
  •  Market and traders psychology

Technical Indicators

  •  Accumulation/distribution
  •  ADX
  •  ATR                                            
  •  Bollinger Bands
  •  Money Flow Index                                   
  •  Moving Averages
  •  Moving Average Crossovers
  •  MACD
  •  Parabolic SAR
  •  RSI
  •  Stochastic
  •  Volume
  •  W% R
  •  Pivot points
  •  Support/resistance Levels
  •  Trend lines      
  •  Chart Patterns
  •  Fib ratios
  •  elliotts waves
  •  candle sticks
  •  chaikin money flow
  •  GMMA
  •  Gann's method
  •  Channels
  •  Gaps 
  •  RVI

    So after considering all above factors. if you predict the future move... then 90 % chances will be there to keep you on positive side... but still a big blow may come ,so to safe guard ...Use stop loss orders to protect your capital ..


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  1. Sir,
    Thanks for sending the article once again to me. After having read your article in fact i have browsed so much to get a feed back. I have partly studied about the Elliot wave theory, and studied the company reports, P/e ratio eps and so on so forth.
    But to a normal man in a short time perhaps take some time to understand
    that is the reason i am putting all your notes in a folder and studying whenever i get time. Perhaps i am doing a home work of more than 6 to 7 hours.
    Still i being an infant to this nifty to play i reserve my comments sir,
    yet the out set the whole world is saying that Nifty shall reach to 4800 but it is going on the reverse

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