Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to trade on my calls???

Suppose you have to trade on  these levels :- 

Please remember that all lower levels are support levels and all upper levels are resistance levels.  
Suppose  if current market price is 270.00 for any Scrip,  then 266.10 will be support and 283.10 will be resistance for it. But if its price moves to 290.00 then 283.10 will be support for the price and it will be very difficult for bears to break the support at  283.10. So now you have seen how 283.10 level has changed its role.

Now I am going to deliver you a new trading technique, where you will be able to end up your session with nice gains .

Scenario 1

You have to watch the stock price move just for 15 minutes with the help of 14 min MA. If you find that stock  opened at 325.00 went up to 340 .00 and currently trading at 337.00 then go long for a target of 367.60 and place your sl just below to 334.00 say at 332.80 .

Scenario 2

If you are seeing that stock made a high of 320.00 and now trading at 312.00 then short it for a target of 299.55 and place a stop loss order at just above 316.75 say at 318.55 .

Never place your exit limit order because you don’t know what the dhanvarsha is going to deliver you.

If you are feeling that  stock is having heavy support at 299.55 level you can easily exit  at 299 .
More over if you include  moving average cross over, macd and RSI  wid candle sticks in your charting tools then no one is going to beat u .

If price easily penetrate the support and start trading below 299.55 for more than 15 minutes then shift your stop loss to a little above of 299.55 level.

By doing this you are playing safe and will remain in the trade till the end of trading session and will not trade for your broker too.

Remember please do not trade for so many stocks at a time .always trade in only one scrip with full confidence and full power .

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