Saturday, February 6, 2010

Only profits: No loss

Earning in stock markets is an art , science, courage , fate or what ever you may name it but I want to share my opinion on this subject by putting only one line and that is to buy at lows and sell at highs and to achieve this capability we all are wondering ...where is the secret the dhanvarsha team is capable in predicting the future prices and the answer is here ...
so at this time where so many softwares are available and automated trade engines are there how a common man will survive and earn a nice return on his capital which is still left with him and not taken by the market movers or big fishes. the idea behind it to educate you for the correct entry and exit points with stop loss orders  in trending/range bound markets which may open gap up or down depend on traders sentiments .To learn this please see here
If you are capable to  monitor the  trend and if you will trade according to your trading plan with strict money management .You wont be trapped by bull or bear traps and will enjoy the sweet fruits after every trading session .
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