Monday, February 22, 2010

Performance 22 Feb 10

We predicted that "4830.00>>><<<4848.00>><<<4874.00>>><<4904.00>>><<<4937.00>><<<4963.00>>>>
Today we are expecting a positive bias with gap up opening so please be long for your all trades coz we are expecting a minimum of 2% up move in indices Today . Remember that trading in scientific way will be always beneficial to you so when to enter and exit from the trade you must learn it any way a bullish strategy will be beneficial today " at
and as per our prediction market opened approx 1.8% above the last level futures made a high of 4917.00 and low of 4949.00 before closing at 4850.80. please see the chart .
Instrument TypeUnderlyingExpiry DateOption TypeStrike PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrev CloseLast PriceNumber of contracts tradedTurnover in Rs. LakhsUnderlying Value

Before that we gave a short call for nifty at 10 AM like this 
dhanvarshagrp (2/22/2010 10:07:39 AM): Short Nifty cmp 4898.00 sl 4930.00 tgts at DV
Thus a flat gain of 50 points in one session ... so learn dear I have posted my premium member's chat history here who made 2300 INR in today's session and his demat balance is only 14k .you can see here 
His Id and cell  no is there if you wanna contact him .

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