Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Tips for Intra day traders

1. Please do not enter your trade order in range bound or trading market means if there is no move then keep safe your money for next opportunity .
2. Please do not miss the chance ...If you are confirmed that market is moving upward go long immediately and if market is going down ward then go short and you will definitely get the chance to get a good return .
3. Make sure you are using strict stoploss whether it is mental or mechanical but it must be there and mine suggestion is use mental stoploss written on the paper and if price trades below your stop loss order for more than 5 minutes when you are long in trade than please exercise it but please remember that if price again moves to your entry buy price level then you must buy it for same targets .
4. So in short trades if price trades for more than 10 % above your mental stop loss order then please square off your position and closely watch the price and place the sell order for same trigger price at which you ware shorted initially .
5. Remember that to lift the prices up some additional force or pressure is required but when price falls , it will fall by its own weight means down trending markets will give you more and more gains in compare to up trending markets .
6. you must learn some basic technical indicators if you are really interested in day trading .
7. If your trade is going south ward then exit from it ASAP because sailing in sinking boat is harmful for the sailor .
8. please do not add to loosing position to average the cost just exit and accept the loss .
9. If you lost 10 out of 100 trades then no harm you are still winner on 80 % trades.
10. Always use trailing stop loss to protect your profits .
11. If you are confident about the market and scrip trend then use the margin trade to boost your return.
12. Always trade in the scrip which is following market direction means if market is in uptrend then trade in up trending scrips and if market is bearish then trade in down trending scrips.
13. Please never enter in the stocks which are having low volumes otherwise you will be trapped and wont be able to escape from that easily.
14. Please do not roll over your intra day trades to delivery trades thinking that your loss would come down in next session it may convert to huge one too.
15. Opt for intraday trades if you like sound sleep and healthy and tension free life .
16. please follow the trends as there is a saying n market that trend is your friend.
17. Please develop your own trading plan as per your personality and mental attitude plus life style and improve it by trial and error method.
18. Place orders in lightning speed but with accuracy otherwise your single mistake will turn your joy into sorrow and you might have experienced it at least once in your life where you placed wrong order means sold the stuff in a hurry where you wanted to buy it and like that.
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