Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daily Nifty Chart 31 march 2010

Nifty intraday 3 Minute Chart .31 Mar 10

Performace : 70% means 12 K on PA 800 of TCS in 1 session

Performance : 25 k return on TCS futures in 1 session

Update : chart patterns can be seen in it

update : TCS 2 nd Target Down

dhanvarshagrp: tcs low 795.10 my 2nd tgt was 795.10 enjoy...
Last message received on 3/31 at 1:38 PM

Update : H/S did it work 20 points down move

Update : a clear cut head and shoulder pattern or next higher high ...guess here ?????

a clear cut head and shoulder pattern  or next higher high ...guess here ?????

Updates : Nifty futures Honoring our levels

Nifty futures Honoring our levels ... You are earning and we are moving ahead .....Nifty gone down by 40 points means 2k on one lot ....TCS went down by 13 points means 13k on one lot ..and options  4 .3 points means 4 k + return on 18 k investment in less than 3 hrs    .

Update : TCS First Tgt Achieved

first buy pa800 @ 18.55
dhanvarshagrp: have u placed order >?
David S: ya
David S: best sell price is 19.50
David S: sure
David S: so change it to 19.60
David S: or 19.65 to get part of brokerge
dhanvarshagrp: please do not change my figures
dhanvarshagrp: without my permission..
dhanvarshagrp: now change it to 20.85
David S: done sir
dhanvarshagrp: it is trading at 21.10
David S: yes sir
David S: thanks
Dhanvarsha returned  2.3 k 

Update : 15 points within 1.5 hr on Nifty

Update : TCS we gave u three opportunities to short it at 809.45

sell call was short at or below 809.45 posted at and its high is 809.50 risk is 0.05 paisa so for 

Nifty Futures crucial levels 31 Mar 10


Please  read the instructions  carefully before placing your trade order for nice gains by clicking this link
Again same story flat to negative opening with confusion and indecision in such scenario... big players enjoy the fruits and new bees .......
So be cautious always use mental stop loss when you are in trade ... and your trade is in south ,but when you are at profit  always fix your trailing sl  at terminal ..because any time net can be jammed by players ...

Short TCS Futures : Exit from it

Short  TCS  Apr futures @ or below 809.45
Targets 800.50>>><<<795.10 >>><<<785.00>>>
Mental stop loss 822.10
Options Buyers may buy PA800

Please  read the instructions  carefully before placing your trade order for nice gains by clicking this link

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We warned you to protect your capital

We warned you all to stay away from suzlon at
And see Suzlon where it is heading

Daily Nifty Chart 30 Mar 2010..

In this chart last  red candle , MACD, RSI , W% R and Volume  along with closing near  days low below almost 1% down to last close are indicating for what ???

dhanvarshagrp (3/30/2010 2:39:18 PM): traded kya ??
mahendra tanwar (3/30/2010 2:39:23 PM): sir buy ho gaya 298.6dhanvarshagrp (3/30/2010 2:39:36 PM): profit bolo

mahendra tanwar (3/30/2010 2:44:18 PM): sir abb ki bar profit rs.2680/ after brokerage
mahendra tanwar (3/30/2010 2:44:56 PM): sir both trade me total profit Rs.3977/ hua hai sir
dhanvarshagrp (3/30/2010 2:45:50 PM): superb full archiveat 

Update : Nifty gave 10 points

10 points are allotted to all for free from Dhanvarsha
dhanvarshagrp (3/30/2010 1:33:42 PM): nifty just went below 5306.00 and we acieved the target

Update : Nifty Futures

dhanvarshagrp (3/30/2010 11:32:16 AM): Hi Friends I am Thankful to all of you as today I am seeing 190 followers and 20000 + visit counts …and these remarkable figures are achived ..due to your Trust and support in Dhanvarsha … It is observed that all of you are still not present in followers list … My personal request to all of you is that start following Now any trouble … please click here for assistance ...

dhanvarshagrp (3/30/2010 12:06:54 PM): short nifty for 10 points here at 5319.00

Update : Nifty unable to hold Top levels

Bhasker bhosle(919422965850) Sent : 2010-03-30 09:35:53.0
short nifty for 10 points min at 5329.85 - Sent via WAY2SMS.COM

Are You Seeing We sent short call at 5329.85 at 9.35 AM

update : Nifty Range bound so for

Short cairn Apr futures

Short CAIRN Apr Futures @ or below 299.00

Targets 297.10>>><<<295.65>>><<<293.40>>><<<289.70 >>>

Mental sl 312.00

buy pa 300 @ 10.00

Please read the instructions carefully before placing your trade order for nice gains by clicking this link

Nifty Futures crucial levels for 30 Mar 2010

Please read the instructions carefully before placing your trade order for nice gains by clicking this link
Expecting almost flat opening with mix bias ..there are 2 sessions ahead I am seeing to take a clear direction ...31 march and on 1 st April a dececive move can be seen ...till then please be careful ... avoid fresh buys in scrips which are alredy trading at overbougt zone ...weak ness ogf dollors will hit on metals / IT companies conversly ...

Frequently used terms : You Must know

As with many other fields, traders have their own arcane terms and phrases to describe various conditions. Trading newcomers may be frustrated by a lingo they do not understand and which seems to make no sense at all. Here are some of the more widely used trading terms and their explanations so you won’t be confused when you see or hear them used to describe some basic trading concepts.

“Dead-cat bounce.”Many times a market will experience a modest rally (a bounce) from depressed price levels. But most of this price rise is due to short-covering or weak long positions getting back into a market that very likely will exert little or no upside power.
“The trend is your friend.” This simple sentence is a very powerful one and is important for most traders. If you trade with the market’s trend, your odds for success are higher than if you trade against the trend. Most successful traders employ some type of trend-following trading strategy.
“Buy the rumor, sell the fact.”This is a frequently occurring phenomenon whereby a market makes a price move in anticipation of an expected result of a fundamental event. Then, when the event does actually occur and the result was as expected by traders, the market price will move in the opposite direction. For example, if grain traders expect a bullish report, the market will rally in the days before the report’s release but then actually sell off once the actual bullish figures are released.
“Bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.”In other words, don’t be a greedy trader. Don’t try to take too much profit out of a market too fast. The two biggest and potentially most damaging human emotions in trading are “fear” and “greed.”
“Cut your losses short.”This trading maxim is even more important than “The trend is your friend.” Traders must limit their losses on their more numerous losing trades by using strict money management and by employing buy and sell stops.
“Never meet a margin call.”In other words, traders should never let a trade become so much “under water” that a margin call from the broker is initiated. “Cut your losses short.”
“Short-covering.” This phenomenon occurs when traders who have established short positions decide to exit the market, either to take profits or because their trading positions have moved too far “under water.” Many times short-covering will occur after a market has been in a sustained downtrend without much upside movement recently.
“Long liquidation.”Traders decide to “ring the cash register” and take profits from long positions or weaker longs exit the market when it appears to be showing weakness. Long liquidation usually occurs when a market has been in a sustained uptrend and many bulls decide to bail out, knowing the market is vulnerable to a downside correction.
Consolidation, also known as“sideways trading.” Many times a market that has undergone a sustained trend will “pause” to catch its breath or move into a consolidation phase. This means price action on the charts turns more sideways and choppy.
A price “breakout.” This occurs when prices move solidly above or below a “congestion area” (or a sideways trading area) on a price chart. Many trend traders like to trade price breakouts.
“Basing” action.This is extended sideways trading at recent historic lower price levels. Prices are forming a “base” at lower levels, from which prices will eventually make an upside “breakout.” Keep in mind that markets can also see a downside price breakout at what was perceived to be a basing area at lower levels.
A market “correction.” When a market has made a sustained price trend, it will make a shorter counter move in the opposite direction. After this correction, odds favor the eventual resumption of the trending move.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pocket your profits : Exit from Hanung toys

Exit from Hanung toys
Technically it made a bearish engulfing candle at highly over bought zone it is advisable to exit ASAP from it ..Tomorrow you can see a level of 210 .00
You can see within one month stock is up almost by 100 %.
You can see 4 support lines below last candle at any level it may got supported or bounced to next higher level.....

Trade Update: Book 100% longs in Silver – 500% profit in 8 days

Suggested here :

and here

My target was 17.25 in the pullback and see its trading at 17.40

so how we traded over the past 2 weeks?

Short @ 17.55 , Covered @ 16.55 – 10,000 pips profit

Long @ 16.60 , Covered @ 17.40 – 8,000 pips profit

Overall above 18,000 pips profit in less than 8 days which is $1800 profit on a single Micro lot of 1000 units and investment of just $300… overall 500% return

Daily Nifty chart : 29 Mar 2010

Today nifty took one more step in its fifth wave and accordingly other indicators too heading towards their destination who will win the race ...Here You can observe...
last candle and its patttern psychology
Direction of 50 DMA
w % R

mahendra tanwar (3/29/2010 3:11:44 PM): nett profit rs.1660/ hai sir
mahendra tanwar (3/29/2010 3:12:33 PM): aaj ka total profit Rs.3190/ hai sir
Can se full archive at

Performance : Cairn India Sell call ,,, 7 % gains

call was Short CAIRN Apr Futures @ or below 299.30
Targets 297.10>>><<<295.65>>><<<293.40>>><<<289.70 >>>
Mental sl 312.00 posted at
I asked to short at or below 299.30  its high was 299.40  .My second target / crucial level I predicted wad 295.65 its ltp was 295 .65 ....Means if you would have placed both orders and went out your both orders would have been executed and your acct would have been topped up by 1250 x3.65 = 4562.50 if you would have traded for 1 lot only your money used to trade the contract 65 k gains 7%...

can you predict like this high at my short sell level . close at my 2nd target level ..if yes then OK  ..and if No then Join Dhanvarsha Trading and Technical Analysis Online Course  now

Update : Nifty made a new 52 week high

Nifty Rocked to new 52 week high and we too rocked my client got 1k flat on short sell call
mahendra tanwar (3/29/2010 1:59:09 PM): sir nett profit Rs.1095 / ka hua hai after brokerage on intraday single trade

Update : Will Nifty Make Double Top Or Next High

dhanvarshagrp (3/29/2010 11:14:00 AM): Nifty is going to make its second top for today ...first was made at 9.22 am at 5318.00 cmp is 5314.00..will it make double top or will it move to next high ?????

Update : cairn is 3 points down

cairn made a high of 298.30 so for

Nifty Futures Levels

flat to positive opening expected with mix bias ...

Short CAIRN Apr futures : Buy PA 300

Stock selection to be done , prior to market opening ,keeping in mind that which scrips are trading near breakout level ..when mkt is in uptrend ..when there is confusion I prefer those stocks which are trading at the over bought zone and already given a break down signal as in cairn india ..stock is trading at overbought zone and bearish engulfing candle is there in my view a nice opportunity to short its futures today at its LTP or above ..Please remember do not go short in intraday trade till market trend is confusing because if u will be trapped short in intra then no way... you will have to book a loss. for sure ..
Short CAIRN Apr Futures @ or below 299.30
Targets 297.10>>><<<295.65>>><<<293.40>>><<<289.70 >>>
Mental sl 312.00
buy pa 300 @ 10.00
Please read the instructions carefully before placing your trade order for nice gains by clicking this link

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Chart set up

I am going to deliver the set up of technical indicators which all I am using for Prediction of future price move on 1 minutes intraday charts . I prefer 1 minute intraday charts and even to get fine tune I open tick chart too when I direct my clients to enter in any specific trade …
Areva T & D futures 1 min chart of 26 .12 .2010.

I set my charts as per following ...

Candlesticks Bullish green , Bearish Red

Bollinger 20-2…. in that MA is weighted

WMA 80 periods

Here centre line of Bollinger and 80 WMA are used to see MA crossover .

MACD 26 …12…09

RSI 14 periods

Marks  two threshold lines at 30 and 70 levels

And I use w% R, MFI , ADX by replacing RSI at frequent intervals

having sufficient knowledge of items mentioned at this link
Tick chart of Areva 26 Mar 10

those who know how to read the charts will achieve 90 % ++ success rate ..

I hasitete to use slow/ fast stochstics as they are very fast to me ...

cairn India is at Radar for tommorrow and April expiry

Nifty Monthly 10 year chart Marked with Elliott's 3 rd wave

It is true that  if market will move …waves will form and  there are different type of markets and so the waves ...
Trending and Range bound …
 In range bound it is  difficult to count 5 /3 waves pattern.. 
And in trending markets too there are two types of waves we can see 
 Impulsive and corrective
In TA there is no any hard and fast rule..Ellott was a clerk and he wrote his observations in 1930 and we are still following his theory. At that time technology was not so fine tuned and now we are fine tuned in technology..
Here I am placing 3rd wave on Nifty monthly 10 year chart..20022010.jpg picture by kailash123p

at 5 years monthly nifty chart  just see the unique ness of chart nifty is moving up and volume is decreasing since may 2009 and when 
big volumes were there in jan 2010 nifty corrected by 400 points ... so please care for  volumes too ... 

fncharts_export2.png picture by kailash123p
You can See at the 20 years Monthly chart too 
2003 to 2008 ...wave 1
2008..Jan 2009 ..wave 2
Feb 2009 to till date wave 3  under progress ........

fncharts_export.png picture by kailash123p

Definition of Elliott Waves

In the 1930s, Ralph Nelson Elliott found that the markets exhibited certain repeated patterns. His primary research was with stock market data for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This research identified patterns or waves that recur in the markets. Very simply, in the direction of the trend, expect five waves. Any corrections against the trend are in three waves. Three wave corrections are lettered as "a, b, c." These patterns can be seen in long-term as well as in short-term charts. Ideally, smaller patterns can be identified within bigger patterns. In this sense, Elliott Waves are like a piece of broccoli, where the smaller piece, if broken off from the bigger piece, does, in fact, look like the big piece. This information (about smaller patterns fitting into bigger patterns), coupled with the Fibonacci relationships between the waves, offers the trader a level of anticipation and/or prediction when searching for and identifying trading opportunities with solid reward/risk ratios.
There have been many theories about the origin and the meaning of the patterns that Elliott discovered, including human behavior and harmony in nature. These rules, though, as applied to technical analysis of the markets (stocks, commodities, futures, etc.), can be very useful regardless of their meaning and origin.
Simplifying Elliott Wave AnalysisElliott Wave analysis is a collection of complex techniques. Approximately 60 percent of these techniques are clear and easy to use. The other 40 are difficult to identify, especially for the beginner. The practical and conservative approach is to use the 60 percent that are clear.
The whole theory of Elliott Wave can be classified into two parts:

Impulse patterns
Corrective patterns
To join Dhanvarsha 
Online Trading / Technical Education course please visit

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What do you prefer : 10 points gain or + 4 points loss

We posted the sell call ‘Short AREVA  T & D  APR futures at cmp 307.00 mental sl  325.00 targets  297.00 >>><<<291.00>>><<< 287.00>>>> here
and advised to book profits same day and friends benefited …. Have a look
again  advised to short it  ´” Short areva cash @ or below 304.40 targets 299.10 >>><<<295.60 >>><<<290.10>>>> 
Mental stoploss 312.00
Futures can be shorted at any higher level for the downside targets mentioned  above “ see and the move was like this
´” dhanvarshagrp (3/26/2010 9:25:38 AM): short call was " Short areva cash @ or below 304.40 targets 299.10 >>><<<295.60 >>><<<290.10>>>> Mental stoploss 312.00 "
Made a high 304.50 and cmp 297.50 already achieved 7 points in less than 20 mins of trades “ see here
here i want to clear you that those who were exited from Areva at my levels  they are at 10 points gains in it and those who are still in trade …they are at 4.5  points loss…coz yester day it was closed at 311.50 …

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nifty daily chart 26 Mar 2010

See Elliotts 5 th wave is under progress .....

Performance : straight gain 2900/- +++

You too predict the same and you too can cut / cover your losses like him ...
arup_anushka (3/26/2010 9:57:25 AM): SIR Rpower shorted at 151.20
dhanvarshagrp (3/26/2010 9:58:14 AM): ok
dhanvarshagrp (3/26/2010 9:58:22 AM): 1 lot na
arup_anushka (3/26/2010 10:00:01 AM): ya 1 lot

dhanvarshagrp (3/26/2010 12:26:25 PM): 149.95 is a nice point to exit for u..I feel 
arup_anushka (3/26/2010 12:26:41 PM): thanks
dhanvarshagrp (3/26/2010 12:26:51 PM): and after booking tell me the returns
dhanvarshagrp (3/26/2010 12:27:18 PM): coz it is going down but 
dhanvarshagrp (3/26/2010 12:27:33 PM): sudden spurt can wash out whole gains 
arup_anushka (3/26/2010 12:29:28 PM): sir thanks booked with profit of 2900/-
His cell No is  9331936711
If you rally want to learn the technique please join our online trading course ...and be the master like Dhanvarsha team ...

Performance Areva sell call : 7 points Flat gain in 24 mins trade

dhanvarshagrp (3/26/2010 9:25:38 AM): short call was " Short areva cash @ or below 304.40 targets 299.10 >>><<<295.60 >>><<<290.10>>>> Mental stoploss 312.00 "
Made a high 304.50 and cmp 297.50 already achieved 7 points in less than 20 mins of trades posted at 10.46 PM yesterday here

Nifty futures intraday Chart 26 Mar 2010

Double bottom . double top , inverted head and shoulder and shooting star candle stick reversal patterns are clearly visible at this chart 

Trade Update… Silver Pullback

Suggested here:

I asked you to book out of Silver shorts and get on other side for a pullback… I asked to cover shorts near 16.5 and it did 16.55 before pulling back… my target was 17+ and its already trading at 16.92…

Target is still open and stretched to 17.18-17.25

Get out of longs near 17.20-17.25

Nifty futures levels 26 Mar 2010

As March expiry is over and the session of extreme volatility too gone be serious and rethink and try to analyse the mistakes you made in past ... make a note of them and be determined for not to re occurrence of same mistakes in future ...If you do not have learnt any technical indicator so for please start now ...else you will have to suffer because, where to enter and exit from the stock you can easily judge if u are having guts on technical indicators looks like fairy tale ...but it is true... u too can see how Dhanvarsha  suggested  correct entry and exit points ...every thing is on records ..and these can not be manipulated later on ....please have a look is  here ..
and if u will count the return seeing sms it will calculated to 10x750 = 7.5 k in one session at one lot of Areva
So my suggestion is start now if you really want to succeed... .

Exponential Growth

Dhanvarsha is expanding day by day ...Today I saw 39 % visits at Dhanvarsha from abroad and 61 %  Indian Visits . when I published my first post on Nov 29 , 2009 ,I was single visitor and follower of Dhanvarsha   ...and now in less than 4 Months Dhanvarsha is having 179 followers , more than 18931 visit counts and a name of trust all over the world ..just have a look please ...please click on screen shot to enlarge it ...

IndiaIndia  [61%]
United StatesUnited States  [23%]
AustraliaAustralia  [2%]
ItalyItaly  [2%]
BelgiumBelgium  [1%]
MalaysiaMalaysia  [1%]
NorwayNorway  [1%]
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia  [1%]
QatarQatar  [1%]
SudanSudan  [1%]
CanadaCanada  [1%]
European UnionEuropean Union  [1%]
KuwaitKuwait  [1%]
United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates  [1%]
New ZealandNew Zealand  [1%]
you  too visit the link
Thanks with Regards