Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Chart set up

I am going to deliver the set up of technical indicators which all I am using for Prediction of future price move on 1 minutes intraday charts . I prefer 1 minute intraday charts and even to get fine tune I open tick chart too when I direct my clients to enter in any specific trade …
Areva T & D futures 1 min chart of 26 .12 .2010.

I set my charts as per following ...

Candlesticks Bullish green , Bearish Red

Bollinger 20-2…. in that MA is weighted

WMA 80 periods

Here centre line of Bollinger and 80 WMA are used to see MA crossover .

MACD 26 …12…09

RSI 14 periods

Marks  two threshold lines at 30 and 70 levels

And I use w% R, MFI , ADX by replacing RSI at frequent intervals

having sufficient knowledge of items mentioned at this link
Tick chart of Areva 26 Mar 10

those who know how to read the charts will achieve 90 % ++ success rate ..

I hasitete to use slow/ fast stochstics as they are very fast to me ...

cairn India is at Radar for tommorrow and April expiry

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