Friday, March 26, 2010

Nifty futures levels 26 Mar 2010

As March expiry is over and the session of extreme volatility too gone be serious and rethink and try to analyse the mistakes you made in past ... make a note of them and be determined for not to re occurrence of same mistakes in future ...If you do not have learnt any technical indicator so for please start now ...else you will have to suffer because, where to enter and exit from the stock you can easily judge if u are having guts on technical indicators looks like fairy tale ...but it is true... u too can see how Dhanvarsha  suggested  correct entry and exit points ...every thing is on records ..and these can not be manipulated later on ....please have a look is  here ..
and if u will count the return seeing sms it will calculated to 10x750 = 7.5 k in one session at one lot of Areva
So my suggestion is start now if you really want to succeed... .

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