Monday, March 29, 2010

Performance : Cairn India Sell call ,,, 7 % gains

call was Short CAIRN Apr Futures @ or below 299.30
Targets 297.10>>><<<295.65>>><<<293.40>>><<<289.70 >>>
Mental sl 312.00 posted at
I asked to short at or below 299.30  its high was 299.40  .My second target / crucial level I predicted wad 295.65 its ltp was 295 .65 ....Means if you would have placed both orders and went out your both orders would have been executed and your acct would have been topped up by 1250 x3.65 = 4562.50 if you would have traded for 1 lot only your money used to trade the contract 65 k gains 7%...

can you predict like this high at my short sell level . close at my 2nd target level ..if yes then OK  ..and if No then Join Dhanvarsha Trading and Technical Analysis Online Course  now

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