Monday, June 28, 2010

RCOM ...It must fall ..technically weak stock and technical indicators speak the reality

RCOM .... made

Doji lines are patterns with the same open and close price. There are four special types of Doji lines.
[ Long-legged Doji ][ Dragonfly Doji ][ Gravestone Doji ][ Four Price Doji ]
The Long-legged Doji has a long upper and lower shadows with the price in the middle of the range. It indicates indecision of traders.
The Dragonfly Doji has a long lower shadow and no upper shadow. It is a good indication of bearish trend reversal.
Gravestone Doji line has a long upper shadow and no lower shadow. It is a good indication of bullish trend reversal.
Four Price Doji's all prices: open, high, low and close are the same for a trading day. It's a very unique line indicating the indecision of the traders, or very quiet market.

hammock 1

Reflected by upper bollinger band ...When price is trading near the upper or lower Bollinger band line, there is a possibility of trend reversal. 

RSI 79.8 ...70/30 are the thresh hold levels  in case of over bought and over sold zone
now technically  RCOM is trading at highly overbought zone /.long legged doji is clearly indicating that traders are confused and indecision is there ... bollinger reflected it means it have to go to center bollinger and center bollinger is located at 180 level
there fore still time to book ur profits ... all the traders are trapped those bought at 207.00

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