Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dhanvarsha crucial Nifty Futures Levels and market prediction with trading technique

Dhanvarsha Nifty Futures Crucial levels

lat opening with highly volatile session due to mixed global cues and  the settlement day of August series...please  square off  your  Aug position before 3.30 PM ...and build up ur  positions for coming months... if you are sure of the direction...I  am expecting a  close range session 5441 <<>>>5479 today ...and  settlement is possible at 5450 +/-10  have a profitable day ...

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Many friends are not able to understand  my concept.. coz i am not asking them to buy above and sell below as per the present tradition my answer for them is think zara hat ke...come out from old pattern of 19th century, we are in 21st century so since how long we will or you will follow the same old principles...Every day I am proving that my concept is practical and workable just have to see where is the current market price ...and story finish ..

levels below the CMP in the hold of Bulls and they will care for it till their last breath and levels above CMP  in the control of Bears ...and they are there to protect that particular level ...
Now  you can imagine easily if forces are there to save the level.... is it simple or easy to penetrate it? Obviously the answer will be No ...
so How the level will break now ...?
to break upper level say roof / resistance/Bear grip  what will be needed ....buying pressure with volumes ..which will be generated by good news ..
and for breaking the lower level /support /Bull grip.... need is only of  bad news, due to that all lower levels will break rapidly .... will create  panic in bulls , bear will start celebrating their victory ... benefited by bad news 

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