Sunday, October 17, 2010

Option Buyers be cautious ...

Option Buyers be cautious ...
please note the difference between buyer and seller price ...
don't  jump to buy stock at sellers asking price your bid after calculation of market price ...
see high was 12   and seller is sitting at 24.80  ... buyer too at 13.50 ...both higher orders might be placed by same fellow to trap you cautious

As on 15-OCT-2010 15:30:34 Hours IST
Instrument TypeUnderlyingExpi ry DateOption TypeStrike PriceMarket Lot
OPTSTKRCOM 28OCT2010PA190.002000
Price Information
Open Price11.20
High Price12.00
Low Price10.70
Last Price12.00
Prev Close11.95
Close Price12.00
Change from prev close0.05
% Change from prev close-
Underlying Value174.95
Number of contracts traded7
Turnover in Rs. Lakhs28.18
Open Interest164000
Change in Open Interest-2000
% Change-1.20
Order Book
Buy QtyBuy PriceSell PriceSell Qty
16000Total Buy QtyTotal Sell Qty2000

Other Information
Settlement Price-
Daily Volatility2.03
Annualised Volatility38.80
Client Wise Position Limits6540323
Market Wide Position Limits130806464

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