Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reliance media works ..6 k on one lot in a session ....

Reliance media works ...article was ...
stock moved up by 40 % in single session ...which was a surprising move ...and next two sessions were after its up move  are showing bearishness on chart...lower close and shooting star you can enter in this  high risk high reward trade ....
Ride on trend ...
please see its move
call was passed on messenger  too
dhanvarshagrp (10/8/2010 10:36:36 AM): rel media gone down
dhanvarshagrp (10/8/2010 10:41:41 AM): go short in rel media at 281. keep sl 286 plus
and it gave easy 5 to 6 points means 6 k on one lot in a session .... (10/8/2010 10:45:36 AM): sinoj book quick profits of 1... 2k (10/8/2010 10:45:47 AM): if entered in trade (10/8/2010 10:45:55 AM): and reshaort
Sinoj (10/8/2010 10:46:03 AM): ok (10/8/2010 10:46:13 AM): have u shorted
Sinoj (10/8/2010 10:46:30 AM): shorted at 280 (10/8/2010 10:46:50 AM): ok (10/8/2010 10:46:58 AM): place sl
Sinoj (10/8/2010 10:47:05 AM): ok
Sinoj (10/8/2010 10:49:17 AM): placing for profit of one point 
Sinoj (10/8/2010 10:49:44 AM): i am going to bed now (10/8/2010 10:50:02 AM): place at 278.1
Sinoj (10/8/2010 10:50:08 AM): okay

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