Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nifty futures intra day chart showing that market fall due to panic

call was

kailash123p (12/9/2010 1:31:19 PM): now it seems that nifty will move up from here possibility of 20 points guaranteed ...futures are at 5878 now 5864
and at 1.49.02 Nifty futures made high of 5898.70 ...20 points up from buy call ...

kailash123p (12/9/2010 2:01:05 PM): nifty up from 5878 to 5898 20 points done and again at 5878
later nifty fell by 120 more points

Nifty futures fell continuously from 1.50 PM to 3.08 PM
and 5898 to 5758 almost 140 points and all were finding reasons of fall ...

at the same time Dow futures  fell rapidly..

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