Friday, January 28, 2011

Investors lose Rs 11 trillion in stock market since Diwali

 Investors have lost a whopping amount of nearly Rs 11,00,000 crore in the stock market in less than three months since Diwali last year, with over Rs 3 lakh crore being wiped out in the past three days alone. 

The stock market today plunged to its lowest level in nearly five months after three consecutive days of fall -- a period during which the benchmark Sensex plummetted by about 755 points, including a 288-point dip witnessed today. 

and it was informed to you all by us  on next day of  Diwali ...

Oct 17, 2009 Last Muhurt  Trading ..Same moves , Market  Blasted in 4 sessions and from next day fell down almost 600 points in  next 10 sessions ...but the difference was of month ...That was Oct Month ...

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