Wednesday, April 6, 2011

44.50-29.50 =15 Rs almost 50 % in 1Hr

7:27 AM pls tell me.. the order..for trade...
 me: do 1 thing place 100 pe5700 buy at 30.1
 Aakash: ok
 me: if traded exit at 40 at open
7:28 AM in minutes
 Aakash: ok
Aakash: shoudl i cancel the buy pe at 30.10?
 me: bad luck 31.90 low
9:17 AM now 34
  pls cancel
 Aakash: done

6 minutes
9:24 AM Aakash: PE try karna hain kya?
  or risky?
 me: see nifty is moving up
 Aakash: yes
 me: till then why to trade on emotion
9:25 AM Aakash: yes
9:26 AM me: buy now
  wid sl of 5 points
 Aakash: done
  at 30.85
 me: 30.80
  keep sl of 26.80 in system
9:27 AM Aakash: placed

51 minutes

5 minutes
10:51 AM Aakash: 43 now
10:52 AM me: book
10:53 AM Aakash: booked
 me: got red again
 Aakash: 43.15
 me: booked at
10:54 AM Aakash: 43.15
 me: and used capital wid gain please
 Aakash: ok
 Aakash: 4315-3085 = INR 1230
10:55 AM brokerage around 100
 me: 30 % + after brokerage in 1 and half hrs
 Aakash: so 1130 profit
10:56 AM me: gr8 play u played today
 Aakash: was fast todya
  wanted to get some capital back
 me: gr8
 Aakash: haha
10:57 AM me: now go to bed and have sweet dreams
 Aakash: alright

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