Tuesday, April 12, 2011

now situation is under bears grip on hourly Nifty chart

Hourly nifty chart is showing that bullish momentum decreased slowly and after a little  consolidation profit booking took place and now situation is under bears grip ..

5000 plus gained on 1 traded lot on multiple intra trades in 1 session


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  2. Kailash ji,

    you said "now situation is under bears grip on hourly Nifty chart".
    Well, but now what can be the next move, will it go down and down.
    There is another market reader, just read the post, the link is below-


    I appreciate your thinking, but for different view,check this link.

    With best Regards

  3. Mr Bipin
    Bears grip means bears in power...and they are known to place market to the southern end...views may contradict and this contradiction is required to balance the trades ...so market will decide in near term ...I and u are spectator ...


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