Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three Black Crows were noticed on Bata ..highly reliable trend reversal pattern...

Bearish Three Black Crows Pattern

Prior Trend:Bullish
No. of Sticks:3
The Bearish Three Black Crows Pattern is indicative of a strong reversal during an uptrend. It consists of three long black candlesticks, which look like a stair stepping downward. The opening price of each day is higher than the previous day's closing price suggesting a move to a new short term low.
Recognition Criteria:
1. Market is characterized by uptrend.
2. Three consecutive long black candlesticks appear.
3. Each day closes at a new low.
4. Each day opens within the body of the previous day.
5. Each day closes near or at its lows.
The Bearish Three Black Crows Pattern is indicative of the fact that the market has been at a high price for too long and the market may be approaching a top or is already at the top. A decisive downward move is reflected by the first black candlestick. The next two days show further decline in prices due to profit taking. Bullish mood of the market cannot be sustained anymore.
Important Factors:
The opening prices of the second and third days can be anywhere within the previous day's body. However, it is better to see the opening prices below the middle of the previous day's body.
If the black candlesticks are very extended, one should be cautious about an oversold market.
The reliability of this pattern is very high, but still a confirmation in the form of a black candlestick with a lower close or a gap-down is suggested.
Three Black Crows were noticed on  Bata

 ..highly reliable trend reversal pattern...

 Once again ...One more gr8 prediction...posted at 2.08 PM on 29 Aug 11...why the person is deceiving innocent investors...while their stoplosses are triggering...
signals are clearly visible that heavy profit booking is going on...
see one more loss to small triggered on 30 Aug 11

Bata India can touch Rs 732, says Siddhartha Chatterjee of Trustline Securities.
Chatterjee told CNBC-TV18, "Bata India is one the stunning turnaround stories, which has happened by unlocking surplus land and retiring debts out of the funds so acquired and a huge dose of merchandising as opposed to production has reduced the labour force substantially. Thereby the operating costs have gone down and currently sharing a margin of close to 30% plus on topline.”
He further added, “If we keep a stoploss at Rs 694, we could possible from current price levels achieve a target at Rs 732. Stock is trading above historic highs and it’s a good idea to trade on the long side of stocks which can cause historic highs by basic parameter of trading technology."
so better is learn your self...
Don't listen to them ... Do not risk your hard earned money on emotions or free lucrative advise ...
Go to reliable sources...
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U.S. Stocks Extend Rally for Third Day

Stocks rallied for a third straight day Tuesday as news the Federal Reserve considered a more aggressive course of action at its last meeting countered a weak read on consumer confidence.

Despite the gain, market watchers were skeptical the major U.S. equity indices would continue to build on the recent rally.
"For now, the market looks to battle around these levels," says Jeff Sciscillo, strategist at Campbell Wealth Management.
In the last two trading sessions, the Dow has surged about 360 points after a speech from Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke on Friday left the door open for the central bank to consider further stimulus measures come September.
"By being oversold in the near term, the market could bounce but remain in an overall downtrend," said Sam Stovall, investment strategist with Standard & Poor's. "Investors remain worried about a potential recession in the U.S. and sovereign debt worries in Europe. However, the purchasing of Spanish and Italian debt by the 
European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund has helped quell investor concerns," he added.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

 (DJI: ^DJI )
Index Value:11,559.95
Trade Time:4:02PM EDT
Change:Up 20.70 (0.18%)
Prev Close:11,539.25
Day's Range:11,429.39 -11,630.07
52wk Range:9,915.73 -12,928.50

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nifty 2 x 20 points trades ...

Nifty  2 x 20 points trades ...

8 thousand gained on 1 traded lot in 20 minutes...

premium call was ..

kailash123p (8/30/2011 9:45:11 AM): sell bata india 711 712 sl 718 tgt 703
kailash123p (8/30/2011 10:02:18 AM): bata 705.30 traded now 707.5
kailash123p (8/30/2011 10:06:05 AM): bata 702 traded tgt hit
target  hit within 20 minutes
gain was 8 thousand

who was saying it is a dead cat bounce !!!!!!

FIIs and DIIs were net buyers in Equities,index and stocks futures and options on 30 Aug 11...
who was saying it is a dead cat bounce !!!!!!

buy triggered and first target hit at opening bell in bhartiartl

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Dhanvarsha crucial Nifty Futures Levels and market Out look for 30 Aug 11

Today's Nifty futures levels.


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Gap up opening of 0.8 to 1 %  is expected today ...again confusion... few  experts are  calling it as it is a dead cat bounce or few are seeing it as relief rally  was there , was ended yesterday per technical charts it is a perfect double bottom reversal which will lead Nifty  to 5180  5185 in this week  ...FIIs were net buyers on 29 Aug 11...
Take care as there are 2 holidays ahead profit taking won't be ruled out today cautious...

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Buy Bharti airtel @ or above 408 for targets 412  417  420   428 439 >>
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U.S. stocks spell relief with strong gains

U.S. stocks climbed Monday, sending the S&P 500 Index to a close above 1,200 for the first time in two weeks, on relief that damage from Hurricane Irene wasn’t more severe and that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke did not see an immediate need for a third round of quantitative easing.
Bernanke “was perfect in not discussing QE3; that kind of soothed the markets into thinking, ‘Well, maybe we’re not going into recession,’” said Jeffrey Saut, chief investment strategist at Raymond James & Associates, of the Federal Reserve chief’s address to a gathering of central bankers from around the world Friday.
Read more ...

Dow Jones Industrial Average

 (DJI: ^DJI )
Index Value:11,539.25
Trade Time:4:03PM EDT
Change:Up 254.71 (2.26%)
Prev Close:11,284.54
Day's Range:11,286.58 -11,541.78
52wk Range:9,915.73 -12,928.50

Monday, August 29, 2011

FIIs turned bullish in equities after 17 sessions of continuous bearishness

FIIs turned bullish in equities after 17 sessions of continuous  bearishness in Aug 2011 and were net buyers of 366 Cr  ...

  • FII & DII Trading activity during Aug '11
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Gross PurchaseGross SalesNet Purchase/Sales
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