Friday, October 7, 2011

11500/- gained on 2 Nifty lots ...

Nifty traded both way ...
kailash123p (10/7/2011 12:09:57 PM): sell nifty 4930 35 sl 4945 tgt 4911 ...
target done
kailash123p (10/7/2011 2:35:45 PM): buy nifty at 4880 85 sl 4865 tgt 4905
target done...

11500 /- gained on 1 trade of nifty ...

Aakash  to me
show details 11:02 AM (7 hours ago)
8:03 AM me: r u t

25 minutes
8:28 AM Aakash: hi
  i dont see the order itself
 me: hi
 Aakash: dont know why
 me: have u logged in
 Aakash: yes
8:29 AM 
8:30 AM after open
 Aakash: but order kyu nahi dikh raha
 me: imdtly place sell sl at 4880
 Aakash: its strage
 me: usse neeche ho to sell kardena
8:31 AM Aakash: but mujhe lag raha hain
 me: kya
 Aakash: purana sell order aisa nah ho.. mkt open par wapas dikh jaye
8:32 AM abhi ho sakta hain.. record book is not updated
8:33 AM me: ok
  wait till open
 Aakash: ok
  i will not do anything on open than
  will wait for 3-5 mins
 me: ok
8:34 AM Aakash: sgx kitna hian abhi?
8:35 AM me: han
8:36 AM Aakash: humne 4860 par sell order dala tha na kal
 me: han

26 minutes
9:02 AM Aakash: should I try to cancel the order immediately at market open.... just if I am lucky to cancel the order..
9:03 AM me: sure
9:05 AM Aakash: you were disconnected
 me: han
9:06 AM 4883 spot he
 Aakash: aacha
 me: future 4893 hoga min
 Aakash: ok
  10 points diff
 me: han 20 tha
  open men 10 to hoga
 Aakash: aacha
9:07 AM me: bata bhi dekhna
 Aakash: run karega?
9:08 AM me: shayad nahin
 Aakash: ok
  lets see

6 minutes
9:15 AM Aakash: still cant see order
 me: sell at 4922
9:16 AM sell 100
 Aakash: are sir.. purana order na nikal jaye bahar
  double sell ho jayega
 me: hone do
  u sell it
 Aakash: sold
9:17 AM 4911.05
 me: cool
 Aakash: you knnow what.. my net position is 0 now...
  iska matlab.. day before ke orders are missing!
9:18 AM they never went !!!
 me: congrat 11k
 Aakash: thanks!
9:20 AM bata is 3% up
9:23 AM nifty ko 4930 ke aas pass short sell karna hian kya?
  or risky?
 me: relax i will pass u what to trade
9:24 AM Aakash: ok
 me: digest 12k
 Aakash: yes

6 minutes
9:30 AM Aakash: gautam ka option book kar diya?

28 minutes
9:59 AM Aakash: thr
 me: ya
 Aakash: nifty is again touching day high
 me: my net is giving pain
 Aakash: 4938
10:00 AM got my msg?
10:01 AM me: ya seeing 4933
 Aakash: ok

24 minutes
10:25 AM Aakash: sir, any trade?
10:29 AM thr?
 me: ya
  sell nifty
10:30 AM at 4929
  50 qty
 Aakash: sold
10:31 AM me: place buy at 4904
10:34 AM Aakash: placed

13 minutes
10:47 AM me: 4907
10:48 AM Aakash: ok
 me: book at 4907
  1 more
 Aakash: order is thre
10:49 AM me: book it
 Aakash: traded
 me: ok
 Aakash: i think 4904 wala hi
  thats why was not getting modified
10:50 AM me: ya low was 4904
  now 4912

10:57 AM 
 Aakash: ok
me: sell nifty 1 again at 4916
 Aakash: ok
10:58 AM me: and buy at 4891
 Aakash: DONE
 me: and so jaiye
10:59 AM Aakash: placed
  qty is 50
11:00 AM me: ok
11:01 AM Aakash: last question
  any order for bata?
11:02 AM me: wo neeche he na
 Aakash: 632
 me: bata weak he
 Aakash: ok
  lets leave it
 me: low hi 628 he
  and trading near low
 Aakash: han
  i will sleep then
11:03 AM me: han i will manage

Aakash: GN
 Aakash: yes

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