Friday, October 28, 2011

Bata India... Rs 77k trade / gain in 4 Minutes .. just missed

See what happened

21 minutes

9:27 AM Aakash: bata f1 > bata f2
 me: ohk
9:28 AM Aakash: game going on
 me: yes
 Aakash: f2 bid price 653
9:29 AM me: ya
  volume is low na
 Aakash: ya, but dangerous
 me: hmm
 Aakash: a lapse in concentration and order gets executed a low price
9:31 AM fire on
  730 ltp
 me: oh
8:30 PM Aakash: hi ge
 me: hi ge
  have u seen bata dec at 651
8:31 PM aapke samne trade hua
 Aakash: yes
 me: oh
 Aakash: life main kitne ifs and buts hain na..
 me: bad men 719 tha
 Aakash: i wanted to buy bata at mkt open
8:32 PM and then saw dec contract rates
  imagine.. agar buy karta and then dec buy karta
 me: aapke pas dec buy hota tha
 Aakash: life..
  but nov.. pahle.. buy karna hota na
 me: pahle nov buy karte na
8:33 PM tab wo bhi hath se ja ta tha
 Aakash: nov buy would have been around 711
 me: 1 dam trade and shoot hua u said
8:34 PM Aakash: anyway..
  716 ka close hain nov ka.. i just saw
 me: 60k ka game tha
  kismat men hota to
8:35 PM Aakash: yes, that sums it all

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