Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nifty trading range for week ending 11 Nov 11

for last week we predicted that
next week Nifty range  is coming as 5200>><<5425 ..assuming that 5425 won't permit bulls to move further up...
Nifty traded between 5201 >< 5361 ..
possible spot Nifty range  for week ending 11.11.11 may be
5110 >< 5385...
5185 is important level ...if it won't allow bears to trade below it .... expect only 200 points range 5185 to 5385 ..


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  2. Good one! So this blog will make us realize that stock market is not a gamble but can work in a way one wants. Only what you require is a proper study and a deep analysis.


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