Friday, December 16, 2011

who was behind the scene ????

There was no technical sell signal ...RBI policy was discounted till 1330 hrs ..Asia was trading positive ..EU was trding flat and Dow futures were trading above 75 points ...then who sent Nifty  to 4625 and created panic where as FIIs were net buyers in index cautious from biggies
news was ..In a much-needed relief to consumers and comfort for the government, which has been battling the price spiral for over 18 months, food inflation slumped to nearly a four-year low at 4.35 per week ended December 3 following a significant fall in prices ...
same volume trades sent nifty from 4839 to 4700   and same buying was done at lowest level ie  4626 4650
so calculate gains in less than 2 Hrs ...who was behind the scene ???


  1. Sir.

    FII are the biggies here. FII's sold 700 crores in index futures the previous day. Even for this series they are still short in index futures to the tune of 700 crores.

  2. see fiis sold for 700 Cr on 15 Dec ...
    but on 16 Dec they were buyers of 600 Cr + ... we can not pull them here in this case ...there may be some one else too...


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