Friday, February 17, 2012

pre market -discussion

8:00 AM Gautam: again huge gap up
 me: 1 % approx
8:01 AM place amo for ur ba
 Gautam: for exit order
8:02 AM or SL
 me: yes
 Gautam: stop loss
 me: place at ur profit tgt
 Gautam: hmmmm
 me: it may trigger
8:07 AM china trading at day's low
8:08 AM korea at days high
8:09 AM hong kong bhi day ke low par
  and below open
8:10 AM indicating some sort of profit booking
8:14 AM Gautam: hmmmm
  nifty ko below bheja
 me: han
  that i told u na seeing profit booking
8:15 AM in china hong kong after gap up
 Gautam: hmmm
  dow was 52 week high
8:16 AM me: dow bhi 12896 se neeche aaya
  12899 was wed day high
8:17 AM so its a level
8:18 AM nifty will be in control below 5560
8:20 AM i feel again koi news aaya
8:24 AM china at previous close
  yeha jhagda hoga bulls and bears kachina on 15 min chart showing profit booking ...since opening..

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