Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nifty outlook for 28 Apr 12

Gap up opening is expected today at special session..
Nifty closed flat at spot and 4 point down at futures with reduction in open interest is showing that traders wanted to lift nifty up..
Nifty 5300 call traded in the range of 57 to 89 and settled at 68 ..we are expecting it will trade above 90  soon..Nifty closed above 1 point but closing of call fell  from 74 to 68 due to 1 day time decay . read more about time decay in options at
 Nifty futures may trade in the range of 5225 -5240
200 DMA (5130) is acting as very strong support and continue fall in fear index is indicating that down side is limited till nifty is trading above 5130.

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