Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nifty outlook for week ending 11 May 12

it was predicted last week
Next week spot may may trade between 5145 to 5310
above 5310  Nifty spot will conquer 5400 >< 5512 ...
if 5145 will break then nifty will see 5070 >><<4942 in next week..
and Nifty traded between 5070 ( one of the levels ) to 5280
for next week
it is expected that 5010  5020 will provide nice support and market may revert its direction in a day or 2 .above 5120 higher levels will be  5200 5280  5460

if failed to move above 5120 in 2 sessions then nifty will trade in a new range 5100>><< 4900>><< 4710 .
rest is indicated on nifty charts .

VIX up move created panic on Friday more 
Nifty futures possible levels

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