Monday, June 4, 2012

Nifty outlook 04 June 12

possibilities after gap down opening of 1% or more 
1. range trading
2. long unwinding in panic - more fall
3.value buying or bottom fishing at lows -smooth recovery which may turn in short covering at later stage...
so do not trade in panic,spot the trend which may develop after 15 to 20 minutes of opening then play accordingly .

Trade in Nifty futures as per these levels ...

Buy at / above: 4796   Targets: 4812 - 4831 - 4849 - 4868-4894>>>
Stoploss : 4774

Sell at / below: 4774   Targets: 4761 - 4743 - 4726 - 4703-4682>>>
Stoploss : 4796

please do not accumulate losses.
Trade with stop loss placed in system.
Markets are in pressure so better to book small profits and trade light.
Wild moves in any direction can be seen ...example is IGL, moved more than 30 % in few minutes on Friday .

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