Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nifty outlook for week ending 23 June 12

Nifty EOD 15 June 12 is showing that Nifty spot is trading above multiple supports
Formation of rising wedge is clearly visible.
1 candle stick reversal was failed  ( Doji at top then red close )
Only negative news will bring nifty down below 5100-5070 otherwise it will move towards 5350 5400 as predicted on 27 May .
Nifty range for week ending 23 June 12 .
Nifty will  trade in the range of 5100 +/- 200 points for next week .

weekly Nifty chart is showing many possibilities try to spot them and post ur views at comments 
or mail to
and get our view in reply we have already marked on chart .

3 yeaars weekly chart is indicating that it can move either side but 3 to 4 % move can not be ruled out from here 

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