Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nifty outlook for 26 July 12 -settlement day

Positive to gap up  opening is expected ...
Expiry day so volatility will be at peak , wild moves of 3 to 4 % in stocks may be noticed .. technical indicators global cues and news may or may not effect market will move according to option writers/ sellers per option data

as per above table it seems that 5200 is upper barrier and 5000 is very strong support as per broad view...but if we will try to analyse minutely put build up at 5100 is more than that of the calls so put writers of 5100 will try their best to hold indices above 5100 so possibility of settlement is ranging between 5130 to 5170..let us see
Major results today
so we will see action in these stocks .
keep these stocks on track .
trade in nifty futures according to these levels
Buy at / above: 5118  Targets: 5133 - 5151 - 5174- 5189
Stoploss : 5094
Sell at / below: 5094   Targets: 5081 - 5065 - 5050 - 5034
Stoploss : 5118

Please close your all in the money options before 3.30 PM and close July futures positions too .
You need not to close and pay brokerage for out of money options let them expire at 3.30 today.
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