Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Muhurt picks for Nov 2012

Muhurat picks
last years muhurat picks traded above 30 % within 1 year .
Expecting 25 to 50% return on scrips within 1 year .
keep stoploss of 3 % ...exit  if trades below 3% but enter  again above these levels with same stoploss.
These stocks either bottomed out or trading at very strong support or making double or triple bottom.
You can make portfolio of these stocks for 30 % gain in an year.
ONGC buy above 254

Nationnalum at 44

indian bank above 175

lancoinfra at and above 12.00

Orchid chem at and above 101.00

IFCI buy at and above 29.50

Jain irrigation buy above 65.00

Beml Buy above 276

ivrclinfra  buy at 39 and above
renuka sugar buy at and above 31

PNB buy at Rs 765/- and above

irbinfra  buy above 125.00

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