Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sell lead mini at or below 128.30 ... 40 (1/24/2013 8:43:55 PM): sell lead 128 128.30 possible profit booking sl 129.20 tgt 126.55 125.75

R@HuL: lead is going up?
R@HuL: 128.10 tecnically not going up
R@HuL: hmm falling
R@HuL: ya won't u ask .... why i said so
R@HuL: ya I was wondering why
R@HuL: I was reading abt its lot size actually.. so  u can ask me
R@HuL: ya abt to ask
R@HuL: can you explain.. see it was making  highs
R@HuL: ya 127   then next 127.5   then 128.40
R@HuL: ya since 80 mins   there is no new high means  traders are busy in profit booking
R@HuL: ic so  i have planned to sell  here at top if worked  will be  at huge gain if failed   60 paisa  sl   will be there
R@HuL: oh ya so advised sell at 128.30
R@HuL: but lead 60 paisa means 3k or something no  600  rs
R@HuL: ic I am checking here: 100 rs per  10 paisa lead mini
R@HuL: ah I was checking LEAD not leadmini
R@HuL is typing...
R@HuL: yep

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