Tuesday, April 30, 2013

pe 5900 trading above 25 % gains

It was discussed today that we speculate to pick up  bottom /top of  market  on failure  pay for it in the form of SL but if succeed  we get good returns .

same  tried  planned to buy pe 5900 at open at lowest possible rate  call was

30 Apr 13, 09:15 AM

admin: BUY 5900 pe 61 63 sl 51 tgt 74 84 see here   http://dhanvarsha.in/chat/

or at blogspot http:// dhanvarshagrp.blogspot.in/   nifty traded at 61.10 and after 2 minutes of call low was 62.35 .

now trading above 76 so  call is at gain of 25% within 2 hour … Not  bad

Join chat room and enjoy gains…pe 5900  trading above 25 % gains


pe 5900 trading above 25 % gains

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