Friday, May 17, 2013

By watching move and momentum, predict its next move

By watching few minutes move and momentum,  we can predict its next move  possibility keeping other factors like support/ resistances pivots fib levels chart patterns and traders sentiments… sometimes it may not work so to protect our capital we use stop loss orders.. we consider volume , macd, rsi ,adx , trend lines , channels , elliott waves and many more indicators .learn slowly and steadily

see horizontal  channel thats why we were advising sell at 6180 book at 6160 sl 6183 .60 (5/17/2013 12:54:45 PM): nifty futures keep sl at 6181 sell on rise then book at low keep sl 6181 punched in system 6169 sell it upto 6178 no harm in selling sl 6181 (5/17/2013 12:59:46 PM): sl just modify to 6183.60 stick to it for short trades can add shorts upto 6183

and see how its move was


By watching move and momentum, predict its next move

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