Sunday, May 26, 2013

harami & hammer on support - will shoots up ?

Sumit -harami & hammer on support – will shoots up ?

Sumit Shared ..

Sent at 9:01 AM on Sunday

kailash: means

Sumit: pichla harami pattern shoots up

kailash: ok to ab kya ?

Sumit: this time harami & hammer on support so feeling like will shoots up @ least until gap or much above that as rsi retraced well from overbought zone with this fall

Earlier he  shared  21 sessions  chart and next day huge fall was noticed …see here


what is bullish harami candle  ?


The Harami (meaning “pregnant” in Japanese) Candlestick Pattern is a reversal pattern. The pattern consists of two Candlesticks:

Definition of ‘Bullish Harami’

A candlestick chart pattern in which a large candlestick is followed by a smaller candlestick whose body is located within the vertical range of the larger body. In terms of candlestick colors, the bullish harami is a downtrend of negative-colored (black) candlesticks engulfing a small positive (white) candlestick, giving a sign of a reversal of the downward trend. Because the bullish harami indicates that the falling trend (bearish trend) may be reversing, it signals that it’s a good time to enter into a long position. The smaller the second (white) candlestick, the more likely the reversal.


watch video for hammer  …one more  reversal candle at oversold area

YouTube Preview Image

harami & hammer on support - will shoots up ?

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