Friday, July 19, 2013

5 k &10k / lot intra gains in bottom fishing

Bottom fishing in hul  pe and bank nifty and result 5 k &10k  intra gains per lot  on calls .

Bank nifty moved up exact 400 points from its low  but it was a known case for us and u all as it was shared well in advance  at Dhanvarsha   before market opening at

call of DG     Dhanvarsha  expert ..

18 Jul 13, 11:13 AM

DG: BUY BANK NIFTY 10930 SL 10800 TAR 11088-11188-11318


We will get trapped or we may get gud returns if we will try to catch top or bottom of market … HUL  was trading at top of all scrips at open and we have planned to buy its PE 700 and shared our buy call like this   …

18 Jul 13, 09:34 AM

Admin: BUY hul 700 pe at 17 18 sl 14 tgt 21 23 29

50% gain within 3 hours  on Dhanvarsha call

18 Jul 13, 09:50 AM

vamsee: excellent call Hul PE

1 points  equals 500 rs so if some one secured 10 points out of it then gain  calculated as

500×10= 5000 INR  on invested amount of  Rs 10 k per lot .


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5 k &10k / lot intra gains in bottom fishing

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