Sunday, July 21, 2013

Join Dhanvarsha chat room / share knowledge

Join  Dhanvarsha chat room and share knowledge  at your own time

24×7 …chat room will be open to  post positive messages  which you want to share with other market lovers  .

Dhanvarsha is a name of trust and reliability and helping small traders and investors trying to educate them and we feel that any one may opt trading as profession …every trader /analyst has his own style /trading and analysis which work for them . If they feel and want to share their style , knowledge , trading secrets here dhanvarsha is willing to provide platform and compensation also .Dhanvarsha is having more than 5200 page views per day as per website outlook  and among one of India’s most popular websites. Overview has 207834 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 5292 pageviews per day and making USD 15.88 daily. has 0 backlinks according to yahoo and currently not listed in Dmoz directory. is hosted in Singapore at data center. is most populer in INDIA. Estimeted worth of is USD 11592.4 according to websiteoutlook

 see  here ….

All readers may share there ideas calls tips  at chat room provided they are technically sound .

If you are having knowledge of charting may share / upload your charts and articles at  and share your articles at chatroom .

What ever is in your mind you can share at Dhanvarsha chat room provided it is useful for others .

Dhanvarsha will pay Rs  1500, 1000, 500  in first week after each months  expiry to best 3  contributors , depending on their  full months active participation and support / guidance to all new/ old traders .

All of you may share educational information at chat room which you are getting from any of your source .

You can see Chatroom  at ,  ,  ,

if you are having your own website/ blog  you may place this chat room at your own  blog.

If interested in active participation

Mail your contact details to or call at +919451659275 to get chat room gateway …!!!

Varun posted like this

20 Jul 13, 06:32 PM

[×] [o] Varun: Open Interest :-

20 Jul 13, 06:32 PM

[×] [o] Varun: 1. If there is a new buyer – BUY the contract from a new seller :- OI +1

20 Jul 13, 06:32 PM

[×] [o] Varun: 2. If There is a new buyer – BUY the contract form an old seller Exiting position : – OI unchanged

20 Jul 13, 06:33 PM

[×] [o] Varun: 3. Old owner will BUY a Contract form an Old Seller that means both exiting the position :- OI -1

20 Jul 13, 06:33 PM

[×] [o] Varun: that is what i understand form OI

20 Jul 13, 06:33 PM

[×] [o] Varun: looking for a tool to check the volume

20 Jul 13, 06:34 PM

[×] [o] Varun: accurate volume

Full chat history is available at

Learn , Earn & Grow with Dhanvarsha

you can share Nifty view  , levels , options strategies , commodity calls . delivery calls , technical terms and explanation , reply to the queries which are placed at chat room and lot more which is in your mind.



Join Dhanvarsha chat room / share knowledge

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