Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nifty is trading in TAZ

Nifty is trading in TAZ .Steep fall brought nifty at 38.2 % retracement level and below 20  and 50 DMA . trading above 200 DMA which is at 5852  as per daily chart .kashmakash  may be there till nifty will stay in TAZ between 5852  and 5929 as 5929 is 20 DMA. decisive  move will be there after either side break .if 5850 will break with volumes nifty may get possible support at 5750 .



Traders action zone

On the chart above you can also see the traders action zone which is the area in between the 50 DMA and 200 DMA. This is where you, as a swing trader look for reversals back to the upside when going long and reversals to the downside when shorting Nifty .

What is so special about this zone?

I have found that for swing trading, a lot of reversals happen in this area. So in order to create a focus in your trading strategy, it is helpful to narrow down your potential stock setups to one area on a chart. This zone provides a plethora of setups on a daily basis.

We are not really concerned with the moving averages themselves. When a stock pulls back into this zone, look to the left to identify support and resistance, trend lines, candlestick patterns, etc. You are looking for multiple signals all pointing in the same direction.

Will this strategy make me a profitable trader?

You may be surprised by my answer.

The answer is no. There isn’t ANY trading strategy that will make you a consistently profitable trader. Sorry to disappoint you. The only thing that will enable you to consistently pull money out of the markets is YOU.

YOU must have discipline. YOU must be able to take losses. YOU must be able to take your profits. YOU must eliminate fear. Put simply, you must be able to control the emotional and psychological problems that prevent success.

That will be your biggest challenge in learning how to trade stocks with any strategy.

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 possible range of nifty for next week may be 5750 – 6050

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Nifty is trading in TAZ

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