Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nifty trading in up slanting channel >>6250

Nifty EOD chart is showing up slanting channel moving towards 6250 and above and horizontal one …limiting at 6100…both are true till today and there is no room left  for bears …bears may dominate only if nifty will slip and will trade  below 5900..till then  buy on  dips and pocket your gains when market shows weakness / consolidate at higher levels .

Trade according to trend and with proper stoploss management .For chat room calls  …analyse your self …plan your self and when scrip reaches at /near target 1 book 100 % or partial  gains and modify your stop loss to /near entry level for safe play .

Nifty chart showing horizontal and up slanting  channel


natural gas sell call worked well and gained 3500/- or more  per traded lot

17 Jul 13, 08:35 PM

[×] [o] Admin: ng 218 to 215 gain 3500/- or more per lot call was 17 Jul 13, 04:12 PM [×] [o] Admin: selll ng at 217.80 218 sl 219.20 tgt 217.20 215.60 214.70 is it Dhanvarsha

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natural gas


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Nifty trading in up slanting channel >>6250

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