Thursday, July 18, 2013

sell crude- trading at double top-low risk

[×] [o] Admin: speculative trade as weekly double top here

18 Jul 13, 08:11 PM

[×] [o] biplab: i think SHORTING after a bit distribution can be a good idea

18 Jul 13, 08:20 PM

[×] [o] Admin: ya going 15 point down and 40 points up in each swing

18 Jul 13, 08:21 PM

[×] [o] Admin: tomorrow is expiry so firing is on

18 Jul 13, 08:22 PM

[×] [o] Admin: but distribution is going on at 6440 45

18 Jul 13, 08:23 PM

[×] [o] Admin: so selling at 6440 is less riskier

break in momentum …supply is here …perhaps   profit booking may emerge here ..

last week also reversed from this level

keep stop loss   at 6461

if trading in qty 50 to 60 % gains at 10- 15 points and sell again at swing highs

crude weekly

18 Jul 13, 08:23 PM

[×] [o] Admin: and if reversed we may see it at or below 6k


// ]]>

sell crude- trading at double top-low risk

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