Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Selling Climax spotted at bank Nifty

bank nifty  traded making selling climax …indicating for bear trap ,…upside break out of minimum 800 points is expected buy on dips keep sl at 10990  closing basis .possible weekly targets 11389  11595  11890   ..plan your trades and calculate your risk bearing capacity …analyse your self …

Climax or Selling Climax

The culmination or end of a protracted period of selling, characterized by high volume, forced margin selling, extreme degrees of negative market breadth (also in prior years a late ticker tape)–and panic. A climax marks the end of one of the late phases of a decline with an abrupt reversal. While the market may again retreat–sometimes even to new lows–the climax is an obvious milepost to the beginning of the end of the bear market.



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Selling Climax spotted at bank Nifty

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