Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gap down of 1 % or more is expected

Gap down of 1 % or more is expected with extremely volatile session ahead. 5200  5000  4800 may work as  supports  as per 5 years weekly chart .Nifty is trading well below  200 week moving average, if pull back won’t be there, more down side can not be ruled out . Be cautious … Go for intra trades with proper stop loss management . Do not carry long positions till global and domestic conditions are not ok for markets . Spot bullish and bearish waves then enter in trade . Stay  logged in at chatroom dhanvarsha  for real time updates and tips /calls .


Nifty may retest its key support 5200 5230 within 1 week ..if it is only double bottom then rebound will be there to 5500  before Friday close .Chances of pull back /smooth recovery can not be ruled out if aggressive sell off with volume below 5230 won’t be there.

double botom

Trade in NF as per these levels 

Buy at / above: 5233   Targets: 5253 – 5271 – 5289 – 5308-5338
Stoploss : 5218
Sell at / below: 5218   Targets: 5201 – 5186 – 5168 – 5150
Stoploss : 5234



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Gap down of 1 % or more is expected

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