Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Market outlook , NF levels 27 Aug 13

Possibility of gap down opening is there as per market out look  NF will trade with increased volatility , global sentiments are bearish , dow closed below 15k at 14,946.46 Down 64.05(0.43%)  below 15k psychological mark  and  rating firms are seeing more gloomy situation ahead warned to downgrade .

The government might be taking measures to address the macroeconomic woes but the worst is yet to come, rating agencies have said.

Fitch Ratings warned of a downgrade if the country is unable to meet fiscal deficit target. It said reining in the fiscal deficit at 4.8 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) would be a difficult task. Finance Minister P Chidambaram had said a fiscal deficit at 4.8 per cent of GDP was a red line and would not be breached. But Fitch said slowing revenues would make it difficult to meet the fiscal deficit target in the year ending March 2014. The rating agency had assigned India its lowest investment grade of BBB-.


Nifty eod chart is showing that nifty closed positive but candle was  red spinning top which was suspicious because it has seen just after two positive candles .please have a look:-


Trade in NF as per these levels

Buy at / above: 5434   Targets: 5453 – 5473 – 5492 – 5510-5538
Stoploss : 5414
Sell at / below: 5414   Targets: 5396 – 5380 – 5362 – 5341-5312   Stop loss 5434

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We are expecting positive closing today . Session will be extremely volatile so entry and exit must be fast . Do not trade without stop loss order as stop loss order will protect your capital and unexpected losses.

See the option decay  sold 5500 ce 5400 PE  call combo at 84 traded at 56 at the time of close .

huge gains were there on both calls and puts .

this call traded above 60 

26 Aug 13, 11:25 AM

[×] [o] admin: 5500 ce BUY at 40 stop loss 36.50 target 44 48 and above     it was  shared in real time at  http://dhanvarsha.in/chatroom/


This call traded below 14   .26 Aug 13, 10:54 AM [×] [o] admin: SELL 5400 pe at 29 30 stop loss 35 target  25 22






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Market outlook , NF levels 27 Aug 13

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