Friday, August 30, 2013

Negative to gap down opening on 30 Aug 13

Negative to gap down opening is expected with extremely volatile session ahead as today market players will plan and set for next expiry and initiate their positions accordingly. Nifty eod chart may support  bulls as money is coming in to market  RSI  is creeping up. after long legged hammer 2 white candles in continuation  , prices are  still  below  from falling trend line and 20 DMA  in these conditions 1 more white candle may be there and we may see nifty spot at or above 5450 if  GDP  data or $$ will be supportive.


Trade in Nifty as per these levels

Buy at / above: 5385   Targets:  5399 – 5418 – 5436- 5456
Stoploss : 5359
Sell at / below: 5359   Targets: 5340- 5327 – 5311 – 5292 – 5272
Stoploss : 5385

The recent rupee fall, the governor said, was more because of the high current account deficit (CAD) — the excess of spending overseas than earnings — for three years. As a nation, India failed to utilise the excess liquidity to set its house in order, and blaming the Fed Reserve now would not help. Read more at …

Trade in bullish pattern till nifty will trade above 5350 .

Natural gas  gained Rs 10000/- per lot yesterday  .. Read more …

Crude gained  60 to 70 points  call shared in real time at chatroom

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Negative to gap down opening on 30 Aug 13

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