Friday, August 23, 2013

selling climax & upswing of 175 Nifty points

Yesterday we have spotted selling climax at Nifty and predicted that nifty may reverse its direction and may close above 5350 here at Dhanvarsha . today’s expectation is if nifty  will cross 5450 easily it will rest at or 5500 or above at 3.30 may refresh selling climax once again” A market condition that is characterized by very high trading volume and a dramatic downward or upward movement in price. High volume and downward price movement indicate a selling climax, while high volume and upward price movement indicate a buying climax. Either type of climax signals the end of a trend.”

Trade in Nifty futures as per these levels

Buy at / above: 5412   Targets: 5432 – 5451 – 5476 – 5497-5525
Stoploss : 5389
Sell at / below: 5389   Targets:  5366 – 5346 – 5331- 5311
Stoploss : 5412

shared  at 7.50 AM at chat room yesterday and nifty moved up like that only   stay logged in at chat room for learning and earning

22 Aug 13, 07:50 AM

Admin: expecting flat to slightly negative opening with possibility of extremely volatile session ahead may close above 5350 …market will be weak only if move below 5260 with volumes and that will be there only if more negativity will be spread .

we may assume last eod candle as bullish harami



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selling climax & upswing of 175 Nifty points

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