Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nifty outlook on Sept expiry day

Nifty outlook for expiry day on 26 Sept 13…Something odd is here 26 then 13 possibilities are- market may surprise all bears because maximum small traders are expecting settlement below 5750 but if market will close above 5900 after a gap down open won’t it be a surprise for all ?


Yesterday we have picked up top and bottom for nifty and for you

same for  options buy and sell more than 100 % gain was there on options call


Trade in Nifty Oct futures as per these levels

Buy at / above: 5929   Targets: 5945 – 5964 – 5983 – 6003
Stoploss : 5909
Sell at / below: 5909   Targets: 5893- 5874 – 5855 – 5836
Stoploss : 5929

these are not targets these are support and resistance levels   suppose NF is trading at 5940  in that case  5945  will act as roof /resistance and 5929 as floor /support if nifty will unable to move above 5940 we will plan sell nifty f at or below 5940 during market hours seeing market conditions in such cases please do not wait for  5909 to come .

options table showing pivot at 5850.

Nifty outlook on Sept expiry day

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