Friday, September 20, 2013

plan your trade then execute your plan

plan your trade then execute your plan

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20 Sep 13, 09:29 AM

[×] [o] admin: NF SELL at / below: 6144 Targets: 6122 – 6102 – 6081 – 6051- 6005-5962 Stoploss : 6162

We have alerted you yesterday “ Perhaps Elliot’s 5th wave may be completed today  and we may observe ABC pattern or reverse wave … 6100  is medium term pivot point. this  wave  pattern was plotted on 2nd Sept 13 and  nifty moved ditto .  ” at

today too it was shared  at morning 8 AM that we are expecting market at 5950

20 Sep 13, 08:01 AM [×] [o] admin: 5950 or 6250 both possibilities are open

20 Sep 13, 08:02 AM [×] [o] admin: we are looking towards 5950

20 Sep 13, 08:02 AM [×] [o] admin: what is yours view , u may share here

[×] [o] admin: all targets done gain of 175 or more points on call

19 Sep 13, 02:45 PM admin: 4 % up nifty….done i wont ask to go LONG at any cost as it is trap as per me

19 Sep 13, 02:46 PM admin: as per SELL nifty at 6163 and hold without sl as per your risk appetite

6163  sell call initiated  traded at 5951   sell call  gained more than 200 Nifty points  …



plan your trade then execute your plan

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