Friday, September 20, 2013

RBI policy day out look and Nifty levels

nifty outlook RBI policy day 20 Sept 13

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weekly chart indicating for 2 levels …5950  or 6250

we are expecting 5950 if Raghu will not surprise reason trend line is calling prices to come down and close within limit …

Flat to negative opening is expected with extremely volatile session ahead .advising to book profits  on each 20 points nifty swing in choppy / range bound market and trail  with stop loss in trending market ,to spot  range bound or trending market use our own method /ideology . it is true that market trades in trend only 20 %  of its trading time and 80 % trades  in range .  It is RBI policy day ….will Raghu surprise all of us by Chavanni ???

Chavanni will take us to 6250 and without that Chal bhag chalen South ki side.. I mean 5950 .

Trade in Nifty futures as per these levels
Buy at / above: 6162   Targets: 6178 – 6198 – 6218 – 6237- 6279

Stoploss : 6144

Sell at / below: 6144  Targets: 6122 – 6102 – 6081 – 6051- 6005-5962

Stoploss : 6162

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RBI policy day out look and Nifty levels

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