Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Negative news propagation may be trap

Negative  news propagation may be trap also – 6th sense so spot trend then trade with proper stoploss order

50% retracement was  expected above  5972 but it has moved up to 61 % retracement level due to panic SHORT covering ..still trading below 20 DMA,  if failed to breach 20 dma and 61 % retracement level 6189 ..possible near term move 5750 can not be ruled out as per corrective e wave 3..learn more about Elliott waves more buying with volumes may take it up to 6265 level …respect 6202  spot for going long /short below 6158 panic selling can not be ruled out.


Moody’s maintains negative outlook on banking sector http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/banking/moodys-maintains-negative-outlook-on-banking-sector/article5363810.ece?homepage=true



Negative opening is expected with negatively biased  range bound market may turn in sell mode at later stage to trade on our levels please refer http://dhanvarsha.in/bounce-50-dma-boosted-nifty-200-points/

Trade in Nifty futures as per these levels

Buy at / above: 6226   Targets: 6251 – 6277 – 6297-6320
Stoploss : 6199
Sell at / below: 6199   Targets: 6181 – 6162 – 6141 – 6123- 6098
Stoploss : 6226

18 Nov 13, 08:54 PM

[×] [o] admin: nifty moved up on SHORT covering ..and if up move is not supported by fresh longs means move is not supported by buying strength and it may tumble at any moment…. OI reduced by 394950

bank nifty is trading below 200 dma …possible supports 10500 10000  9600  upside levels 11500  12000


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Trade with stoploss …trade with confidence …plan your trade first means plan your stoploss order  before entering in trade and place it after that place your trade entry order it will prove that you are not trading in a hurry …Decay in options is increases near expiry so spot trend  and momentum first then plan options trades for yourself …read more about time decay at  http://dhanvarshagrp.blogspot.in/2010/06/optionsyou-must-know-about-time-decay.html

it was advised to Tahir that  NASDAQ is going to crack and he may sell for near term target of 3357  3334… see NASDAQ  corrected by 40$ within 12 hours .. so trade in correct direction and enter at correct level and right time …

is 40$ move in less than 12 hours  is not enough ???


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Negative news propagation may be trap

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