Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nifty & bank nifty view for Tuesday 26 Nov 13

Nifty & bank nifty view for Tuesday 26 Nov 13

Chacha said “  tv wale canc awaz zee business bloom burg 3 no expiry 6200 bata rahe hai only for your info ”

Till nifty is trading below 20 dma and trading in lower bollinger area Nifty will remain in bears grip and  trade according to bearish pattern ..

NIFTY_Daily_25-11-2013 (2)


pe having huge build up at 6000  so we may assume that 6k will act as very strong support  so seeing this table we can set our expiry figure at 6000 plus minus 50   later we will move or change seeing further change in options open interest .6200  is captured by call writers and we are seeing huge build up …so  above 6200 no room at all …6100  almost tie …

Gap down opening is expected with extremely volatile session ahead. SGX  Nifty is trading below 35  40 points  http://www.investing.com/indices/india-50-futures-advanced-chart    its trend is neutral at this point and may move in any direction  means negative or positive .so be cautious and book profit in your stbt position first .

Trade in Nifty futures as per these levels ( add 40 points if want to trade in Dec Nifty )

Buy at / above: 6109   Targets:  6139 – 6159 – 6178

Stoploss : 6089

Sell at / below: 6089   Targets: 6067 – 6048 – 6028 – 6009-5981
Stoploss : 6109


It seems that bank nifty moved up to fill the gap and it will start again to South  today and breach its bottom trend line with volumes or consolidate between bottom trend line and 20 dma but if it will not going to happen then bank nifty will move towards 11500 >< 12500

which is gud for bank nifty red channel or green channel



Nifty & bank nifty view for Tuesday 26 Nov 13

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